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FMX Integrated Services Limited

FMX Integrated Services Limited began operations as the Projects and Facilities Management Division of XL Africa Group and subsequently metamorphosed to a full-fledged subsidiary company offering the same services, and more!

The company was established with the vision to offer services that are packaged and implemented with a view to improve the quality of conception, design, delivery and management of built facilities in residential and business environment and the state of industrial maintenance services available in the country.

The conventional approach to facility management which involves the inter-relationship of disparate professional disciplines operating as independent consultants and contractors, is the reason for unacceptably high cost of these services to the client. The FMX model, on the other hand, creates a one-stop approach, providing integrated management services warehousing all such professionals under one roof. This time-tested and unique approach to management translates to overall cost reduction on the capital expenditure profiles of clients, and hence enhances profitability and improved efficiency in service delivery and overall success of clients’ businesses.

The FMX team is made up of highly experienced professionals with expertise in cognate disciplines of the built environment and industrial maintenance management chains, ranging from Architecture, Engineering, Quantity Survey, to Facility Management. Our improved Project Management system is designed to ensure that clients receive value for money in terms of timely project completion, quality of work, cost optimization and post-construction life cycle value adding building management and industrial maintenance services.

FMX Services are targeted Financial Institutions, Oil and Gas companies, oil, gas and power plants and installations, Telecommunications Companies, Franchise Companies and Private and Corporate Investors in the Real Estate and construction industry.

FMX is a corporate member of a number of professional bodies including the prestigious British Institute of Facilities Management, the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) Nigeria chapter and is in partnership with a number of World-Class international firms in Project and Facility Management, and industrial maintenance services to strengthen the project delivery capability of FMX in the high end of its identified market segments.

Operational Thrust:
To assist our clients focus on their core business and achieve their business objectives by providing an organised management system to which ensures that the built facility is well designed, delivered and managed and industrial plants and facilities maintained , to agreed specifications, and within budget and on schedule always.

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