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Industrial Maintenance Services

FMX through alliances and partnership with credible international firms possesses core expertise in the provision of a wide range of maintenance services to industrial plants and facilities, such as refineries, oil and gas terminals, oil and gas depots, power generating plants, power distribution plants, transmission stations and networks etc. These services include;

-Routine and programmed maintenance and overhaul services.
-Reactive maintenance and repairs including total and partial shut downs, equipment and plant up scaling and refitting services.
-Plant overhaul and turn around maintenance services including diagnostic and system reviews and equipment performance analysis.

Preventive Maintenance:
Our service in this area of need ensures timely provision of detailed preventative maintenance schedule on all facilities and items to facilitate budgeting for the financial year without leaving things to chance and preventing breakdowns.

Reactive Maintenance
This form of maintenance involves maintenance services on plants and equipments arising from screening and evaluation by approved sub-contractors or in-house workmen where certain defects may have been identified from the evaluation or examination.

Condition-based monitoring
This model of maintenance anticipates regular monitoring of the condition of the facility and plants on a consistent basis to ensure early detection of areas needing attention and recommendation of repairs or replacement.

Maintenance History Record
Development of maintenance history or records of facility for budgeting and planning purposes.

Provision of Computerised Maintenance Management Systems.

We employ CO-SOURCING to enable our multiple services to be integrated into a single service solution that is directly delivered by an FMX site-based Management and Service Team, working as an integral part of the client’s organisation, supported from our Head office and co-ordinated by an FMX operated Help Desk/CMMS centre.

This service also covers and coordinates overall staff management, including janitorial services, technical (air conditioning, electrical and mechanical) maintenance, civil maintenance, and other aspects of building and fabric maintenance management.

Our maintenance programs are designed to suit individual and corporate needs and budgets. Our employees are specially trained in the most modern and effective maintenance techniques and we work diligently to ensure that all maintenance services are planned and performed to the highest industry safety and efficiency standards. We utilize quality control programs which include on-site inspections and customer surveys and constantly monitor our work to ensure we meet the desired specifications and best practice.

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