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Our Offering

Scope of Operation and Key Strategies
Recruitment, Placement and HR Consultancy Services and Maintenance. Our expansive, national footprint and robust ultra modern technological platform enables us to execute flawless professional HR services, ranging from Aptitude testing of large number of candidates or just a few, interviewing, recruitment, placement and deployment of new hires for clients, or outsourced staff on a fully outsourced basis. In all cases, our services are defined by a sense of professionalism and an enduring vision to save Time and Money for our clients.

Payroll Administration
Preparation and Management of the payroll system and processes on a fully outsourced basis for discerning clients

Organisation of regular training and staff development, training and refresher courses for staff to enable such staff achieve continuous skills update and performance enhancement.

Labour, Union and Industrial Action Consulting
We use our expertise to save you the inconveniences of managing labour related matters with the staff, and government supervisory or regulatory agencies. Our expertise and deep rooted relationships with key individuals in government and organised labour, and knowledge of the environment, enable us to act proactively and effectively on behalf of clients to prevent, contain or manage different types of industrial disputes and crises on behalf of our clients, thus saving for those clients, valuable man hours, and generative much needed goodwill for them with critical stakeholder groups.

Career Path
All our staff are considered core to the organisation and therefor benefit from our well defined staff development schemes and career paths that are designed to meet the aspirations of individual staff and the growth trajectories set for the organisation.

All services for clients are governed by standard Service Level Agreements (SLA), and there are profroma SLAs for different service types, industrial sectors and national jurisdictions.

The safety of information obtained and retained by our outsourced staff while in the service of clients companies is governed by strict confidentiality agreements which are mandatory in all our business engagements. All our staffs are joined as parties to these confidentiality agreements.

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Intern, Analyst and Associate Positions

XL Group robust programs for undergraduate and graduate students offer career opportunities we believe are unmatched in the industry, including training, mentorship activities, etc...
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Experienced Hires

XL's rapid global expansion and growing industry sector coverage requires that we consistently seek and hire exceptionally-talented senior executives to join our team...
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