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Labour Union and Industrial Action Consulting

At XL Outsourcing Limited, we use our expertise to save clients the inconveniences of managing labour- related disputes and matters related to staff welfare; and expectations from government or regulatory agencies. Our expertise and relationships with key individuals in government and organized labour, and deep knowledge of the political and socio-economic environment enable us to act proactively and effectively on behalf of clients to prevent, contain or manage different types of industrial disputes and crises on behalf of our clients, thus saving for those clients, valuable man hours, and generating much needed goodwill among critical stakeholder groups for the client.

We also provide advisory services on lobbying, policy information, proposal and counter-proposal as well as develop blue print for worthy cause-related initiatives and projects that could position clients as champion of corporate social responsibility and shore up good will in the overall best interest of the client.

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Intern, Analyst and Associate Positions

XL Group robust programs for undergraduate and graduate students offer career opportunities we believe are unmatched in the industry, including training, mentorship activities, etc...
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Experienced Hires

XL's rapid global expansion and growing industry sector coverage requires that we consistently seek and hire exceptionally-talented senior executives to join our team...
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