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Our Value Proposition

  • A. Proof of Delivery (POD): XL E&L employees are trained to insist on signed and counter-signed Proof of Delivery for every shipment delivered and received at the right destination by the appropriate person for which the parcel or shipment is meant.
  • B. Tracking: XL E&L has a technologically advanced platform that allows customers to track their shipments through the entire circle of transit from one point to the other. On the innovative tracking platform, the sender is able to monitor the movement of shipment from departure to destination of shipment. This tracking mechanism confers trust and reliability on the operations and management of parcels through transit to destination.
  • C. Insurance Services: XL E&L offers insurance on every shipment to protect customers and guide against losses that may result damage, misplacement or accident that could prevent shipments either from reaching their destination in the form in which they have been sent or not reaching the destination at all.

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Intern, Analyst and Associate Positions

XL Group robust programs for undergraduate and graduate students offer career opportunities we believe are unmatched in the industry, including training, mentorship activities, etc...
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Experienced Hires

XL's rapid global expansion and growing industry sector coverage requires that we consistently seek and hire exceptionally-talented senior executives to join our team...
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