Foreign Locations

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Key Propositions

1. Delivery Timeframe
We are committed to aligning with industry best practice in the Timeframe for deployment of required guard strength from time to time with firm commitment to the relationship-governing terms in the Service Level Agreement. Our competitive edge is in the Security Personnel Database Management for different operations based on the peculiarity and needs of individual clients and the time frame for the response.

2. Nationwide Network
Our presence in 35 of the 37 states in Nigeria with out-stations in neighboring West African countries gives us the comparative advantage over competition. This spread of facilities and personnel is harnessed by a fluid internal process that ensures that clients’ demands are met effectively. The management system in place is such that deployment of personnel or managing existing personnel in addressing concerns of clients even in the most remote locations and in extreme circumstances are made easy.

3. Fee Structure
Guided by industry standards, our fee structure is flexible with typical service fee covering general management of the outsourced personnel; total recruitment costs [adverts; interviews; background checks; induction; etc.] as well as staff replacement costs. For all these, we guarantee incontrovertible return on investment that keeps our clientele ever growing, mostly based on recommendations.

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Intern, Analyst and Associate Positions

XL Group robust programs for undergraduate and graduate students offer career opportunities we believe are unmatched in the industry, including training, mentorship activities, etc...
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Experienced Hires

XL's rapid global expansion and growing industry sector coverage requires that we consistently seek and hire exceptionally-talented senior executives to join our team...
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