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Support Staff Outsourcing

Our Support Staff Outsourcing targets the Services sector of the economy (including Banking, Insurance, Mining, Public Sector, FMCG, NGOs, Hospitality & Tourism, Large Corporate among others and High Network Individuals). We provide all levels of Outsourced Staff from Skilled, Semi-Skilled to Non-Skilled Personnel ranging from Professional, Supervisor, Graduate, Technical to Diploma, Trade Test Technicians & School Certificate Non-Trade Specialists (Riggers, Installers, Operators, Drivers {Heavy Duty and Light Vehicle Operators}, Mechanics, Welders, Carpenters, Painters, etc). In line with your identified support staff needs, we will carry out Employee Gap Analysis (EGA) and design Manpower Plan (MP) for your concurrence. We will manage your existing staff involved in/categorized non-core activities as well as deploy our own outsourced staff.

These outsourced employees will handle your non-core operations using our outsourced platform to save you money, give you value in terms of quality staff, and eliminate nagging HR issues such as turnover, grievances, exits, employee disaffection and off-peak hour induced redundancy. These trained employees are also available for Temp Staffing Services in the areas of administration, accounting, Tellering (banking), secretarial, technical non-professional support services and Direct Sales Marketing on short notice for relief duty, tenored assignment, product launch, contingent back-up resource and short-to-medium term contract. Please register and log on to request for our Support Staff Outsourcing full proposal, pricing model and Service level Agreement (SLA).

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